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To enable owner operators to enjoy increased returns from life through their business in a socially responsible and environmentally sustainable way.


People go into business to achieve personal goals

        The first step in creating our future is to design it

        Personal goals provide the motivational drivers

        We are the masters of our own destiny

        Contribution is more important than effort

        Our key responsibility is contribution to society

        We must live, and develop ways to enable others to live, in a sustainable manner

        Business managers should focus on the activities that make the most difference to them in the long run (ie the Pareto Principal)

        Measurement supports us to identify key attention areas

        For most owner operated businesses support with business management will act as enormous leverage on overall business returns

        We should play to our strengths

        We should be responsible for pushing boundaries of business management so we can share our learnings with others in business

        Because something is generally accepted wisdom doesn’t necessarily make it correct

        Our work with a particular client is most effective when based on a full understanding of what will make the most difference to that client

        Returns from business are both financial and non financial.

        Continued development and education brings rewards far in excess of the effort devoted

        Delivering value in excess of what we agreed provides an even greater reward to us than to the client



Values Summary


o       to society

o       to the team

o       to our clients

o       above effort

Personal Joy, Happiness & Satisfaction


        Health and Fitness

        Education and Constant Development



        Commitment to team

o       Honesty

o       Loyalty

o       Support

        Freedom, which is used respectfully


        Gaining a share of the value we add to our clients


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