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Collecting key business data to determine the ratios that define high performing businesses

Business Diagnosis

Research backed business analysis which helps business owners identify their key drivers for growth. Business Diagnosis involves collecting data about the operation of a client’s business which is compared to Growth Plan data.  We provide a commentary on the business operation by drawing on our in house heuristic techniques and decades of experience in helping businesses grow. 

Future Builder

A framework for designing a desirable future.  This model appreciates that a business is just one vehicle for achieving personal objectives.

Strategy Implementation

For developing and implementing strategies for creating desirable futures.

Suite of Mind Biz Tools

toolIs for dealing with the interaction between success and our attitudes and mindsets


Mind Biz deals with the interaction of our attitudes and mindsets to our success.  The Mind Biz tools help you understand how you can modify the software of your mind to better enable you to achieve your objectives.


Mind Biz draws on an understanding of hypnosis and NLP and includes strategies such as:

.          Establishing your values

.          Removing limiting decisions

.          Removing unresolved negative emotions

.          Placing your goals in the future

.          The power of cause and effect  

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