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Do you need Busifunness?

Follow an Exercise Program


Growth Plan research indicates a strong correlation between profitability and exercise by owners.  It is important to note, however, that the subject of this research were all in sedentary jobs.  Intuitively, these people would have greatest benefit from exercise than those in more physically active jobs.


The graph to the right compares the return per owner workhour for owners of Financial Planning practices who report that they exercise vigorously three times per week and those that don’t.


For multi owner businesses a business was classified in the exercise group only when a majority of owners exercised.


Will Exercise Benefit Everyone?

We are all biochemically unique and as such we do not all react in exactly the same way.  The real question becomes “what level of exercise will bring the most benefit and how quickly do I reach that level?”  For this reason, some people will benefit from a Physical Assessment before getting into a vigorous exercise program. 


How much is Enough Exercise


It is generally accepted that 20 minutes exercise three days a week will bring you significant results.  The exercise needs to be sufficiently vigorous to put you in your training zone.  Having your heart rate at 60% of your theoretical maximum would be sufficient to put you in your training zone. 


While this is a baseline, the extra benefit gained from extra exercise will vary.  From my perspective, I would benefit from significantly more exercise, say, five days a week at 45 minutes.


Remember the benefits of having a medical review to support your exercise.


Why does exercise contribute to group profitability?


You become a More Efficient Machine

A number of factors will contribute to you feeling better: 

*  Bodies are designed to be exercised and function better when they are.  We are rewarded with an endorphin rush after we exercise.

*  We are likely to sleep better.

*  Our body becomes more efficient with using oxygen.  This significantly benefits our brain because our brain is a major user of oxygen.  Even though the brain only comprises 2% of our body weight, it can use more than 20% of our oxygen.

*  Provides a circuit breaker for stress and improves our ability to cope with stress.

*  Provides a vehicle for achievement and has the ability to turn around a “bad day”

*  Provides a venue to solve problems.


Is Exercise All We Need?

Exercise is extremely helpful in improving your effectiveness and improving your health but it should be part of an overall self maintenance plan.


An overall self maintenance plan is really about changing our habits.


    We first change our habits

    And then our habits change us

                        John Dryden


Exercise is significant for more than its effects on the body.  For many, it is an easy change to make and signifies to yourself that you are dedicated to improving and that you will change.


The elements of a self maintenance plan are intertwined.  However, for the purposes of this discussion I have divided them into different segments.


Exercise for Weight Loss

Understand your heart rate zones